Earthly Delights was a passion project that began 5 years ago. While in university, I began my small scale vegetable stand as a secondary means of income. I began to fall in love with growing my own produce, harvesting it and selling my items to the general public, as well as educating people on the importance of buying local and following my own personal slogan; “know the face attached to your food.” 

For myself, seeing the disconnect between the general public and their food was startling. When I began selling at local farmers markets, many of my customers had no idea, or chose not to care where their food originated from in the grocery stores. I also found people had no working knowledge of the incredible amount of work, time and finances it takes to plant, grow and harvest food.

The negative impact that social media has taken on farmers, as well as consumers perceptions of farmers as a whole has been severely altered, and not in a positive way. I feel that with the power of social media, education, and participants who are willing to listen and learn, this stereotype can be changed.  


Earthly Delights is where produce meets passion.


Growing up with a strong European culinary background and a large commercial farm at my disposal, this is where my love of what I call “homegrown culinary fusion” began. Being a creative individual who loves food, I found cooking as a way of expressing creativity, using my own produce, and incorporating my love for all things local. For myself, the entire production cycle of my products on the farm is the most important element that I stress to people.  

Planting, growing, harvesting, weeding, picking, and selling all of my own produce, meaning no outside purchasing. I stress to people that I literally know everything about my produce-when the seeds went in the ground, the first rounds of picking to the moment I washed those freshly picked tomatoes being prepared for soup.   

From planting the first seeds in the ground to freezing the last batch of soup, everything stays in one location and is prepared by one person. I find this intrigues people because everything is mass produced in today’s world. Essentially, knowing the face attached to your food provides people with security and accountability.